Do You Like This Title? 2015
Costumes for Wendy Osserman Dance Company - Zuzka Kurtz
Performance in Theater for The New City 3/19 - 3/22
With Lauren Ferguson, Cori Kresge, Hiroki Ichinose and Wendy Osserman.
Music: Skip LaPlante, lighting: Alexander Bartenieff

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photo by Liz Magic Laser

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2014 Vestigal
Costumes for Wendy Osserman Dance Company - Zuzka Kurtz
Performed Theater For The New City March 2014
Dancers: Emily Vetch, Cori Kresge and Lauren Ferguson

from Vestigalfrom Vestigal

photos by Steve Schreiber

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Wendy Osserman Dance Company
Performed in the Hudson Guild Theatre, NYC 
April 11-14, 2012
Choreography — Wendy Osserman (In collaboration with the dancers)
Dancers — Lauren Ferguson, Cara Heerdt, Cori Kresge, Milan Misko and Wendy Osserman
Costumes — Zuzka Kurtz

from Compromisedfrom Compromised

photos by Ryan M. Reich

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Our Lady of Detritus
Performed in five public, outdoor NYC sites
August - Octobe,r 2009
Choreographer and Visual Designer — Jill Sigman (
Composer and Vocalist — Kristin Norderval (
Performer — ariana L. Ferreira (
Costumes — Zuzka Kurtz

from Our Lady of Detritusfrom Our Lady of Detritus

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Poem of Ecstasy
Costumes — Zuzka Kurtz
Choreography — Wendy Osserman
Music — Alexander Scriabin
A dance performed in the Baryshnikov Arts Center NYC

from Poem of Ecstasy
from Poem of Ecstasy
photo by Barbara Alper
from Poem of Ecstasy

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Zuzka Kurtz in collaboration with Burmese artisans
Carved wood and cloth puppets 25" high
Commissioned for the Rubin Museum of Art Shop NYC

puppets for the Rubin Museum Art Shop

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