portrait of Zuzka Kurtz.

Zuzka Kurtz

Zuzka Kurtz was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. She is a multi-media artist, designer and filmmaker residing in NYC.

2009, Produced art video Threads with artist Liz Magic Laser, and Shoes on the Danube with Steve Kimelman.

2010, My Inner Sole, an Art and video Installation in the Slaughterhouse, Healdsburg Ca.

Produced, wrote and directed My Inner Sole, a dance, prose and puppetry performance, performed in the Off Broadway Lion theater in 2010, with the choreographer and dancer Wendy Osserman, actor Cynthia Adler, Kathryn Grody, Pepper Fajan, Kenji Nakano and the trumpet player Mac Gollehon.

Produced, wrote and directed in collaboration with Geoffrey Hug a series of nine short films 7 Ways 2 Skin A Cat screened at The Anthology Film Archives in NYC in 2013.

Produced and directed in collaboration of Geoffrey Hug a mini-shorts Eat Something and The Seamstress, 2015, with Cori Kresge and Wendy Osserman winners of Best Shorts in Milan and Rome Int’l Film Festivals and Multi Species Family, 2016.

In 2017, Eat Something, The Seamstress and My Inner Sole were screened in the Fábrica de Arte Cubano in Havana, as part of VESTIPHOBIA directed by Steve Fagin.

2015, Blade #1, a short documentary about five dancers in NYC shaving their hair for money, produced and directed with Geoffrey Hug, with dancers: Cori Kresge, Emily Vetch, Leanne Ferguson, Annie Now, Chelsea Retzloff and Milan Misko was awarded Best Short Documentary at The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, NYLA International Film Festival, Spotlight Film Award, Atlanta DocuFest, Rome International film festival, PBS and Amazon Prime.

2022, Hudson, America a coming of age feature documentary about six Gen Z, Bangladeshi immigrant students from a small town upstate NY during 2016-2022.

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